Caleb Leland was a Rebel in the American Civil War. A ghost projection and costume was based on his pictures. He has a corpse-like face, and he wears a Rebel uniform (because the original Caleb Leland sided with the South in the Civil War). He first duels with his brother, but then menaces any nearby watchers. The holographic movie showed the brothers flying and throwing wind balls at each other. The costumed forms lacked these powers. The real Caleb Leland dueled with his brother, Jed who supported the Union. Both died as a result of the duel. Crawdad Mike designed a holographic projection based on the 'ghost' of Caleb Leland, and eventually used it as an actual disguise. He wanted to make his Rattletrap bus tours more exciting and attract more tourists. He did this with the help of his bus driver, who drove the bus onto a hidden switch in the graveyard who drove the bus onto a hidden switch in the graveyard of Leland Gables and activated a holgraphic projection. When the gang got too close, he and the driver dressed up in costumes to capture Daphne Blake and turn the detectives away.
Caleb leland

Ghost of Caleb Leland