The Ghost of Zen Tuo was the disguise of A. Fong, an art dealer and smuggler with hired thugs. The original Zen Tuo was apparently a Chinese spirit of a man who was similar to Ivan the Terrible. He killed two messengers. He died later. They all rose from the dead and searched for a Chinese mask to cover Zen Tuo's hideous face. A. Fong dressed up as Zen Tuo to scare away people that were curious about the haunted Buddhist temple that was a base for his smuggling operation. He needed the mask because it had smuggling details in it. But before Zen Tuo could get the mask, Daphne Blake had bought it, so he sent his servants (the Scare Pair) to look for the mask. When they saw Daphne had bought it, there was a huge car chase between the Mystery Machine and the Scare Pair's car.
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Ghost of Zen Tuo

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