The Headless Snowman was the disguise of Prof. William Fagen Higginson.

History Edit

The Headless Snowman is believed to be the ghost of robberer, Blackjack Broady, who robbed Professer Higginson's great grandfather of gold. After steling the gold, Broady was being hunted down by the villagers of Winter Hollow, so he hid the gold in a chimney. He was not so lucky to survive a deadly snowstorm and froze to death, being imprisoned as a snowman. After the villagers of Winter Hollow dug him out of the snowman, they buried him in the cemetary of Winter Hollow. Legend now says Blackjack Broady rises every Christmas Eve to search for the gold he had stolen. However, the mystery ended when the Headless Snowman was revealed to be Professor Higginson, who's real name was William Fagen Higginson and wanted his great-grandfather's gold.
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Headless Snowman

William Fagen Higginson revealed