Marcy Fleach, better known as "Hot Dog Water", because she smells of hot dog water, is a friend and former rival of Velma Dinkley .


She has competed in some Science Fairs along with Velma, and loses them all.

She went to China. (The Dragon's Secret)

Hot Dog Water unmasked

Hot Dog Water

She attacked people at Creepy Spooky Terror Land in the guise of the Manticore, in order to be rich. (Menace of the Manticore).

She brefriended Velma and worked for Mr. E, and  become a replacement for Daphne. (House of the Nightmare Witch

She then tried to steal the Planispheric Disk by dressing up as Dark Lilith. Velma only knew Dark Liltith's true identity. (Night on Haunted Mountain)

Mystery Inc. hired her to steal the original Mystery Inc.'s pieces of the planispheric disk. (Wrath of the Krampus)

She was killed by the Kriegstaffebots. (Through the Curtain)

She was alive in the new universe. (Come Undone)


Scooby-Doo! Mystery IncorporatedEdit

17: Where Walks Aphrodite

18: The Dragon's Secret

21: Menace of the Manticore

28: House of the Nightmare Witch

29: The Night the Clown Cried II-Tears of Doom!

30: Web of the Dreamweaver

31The Hodag of Horror (episode)

34: Night on Haunted Mountain

39: Wrath of the Krampus

51: Through the Curtain

52: Come Undone
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Marcy Fleach

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