SD phantosaur

Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur is the sixteenth Scooby Doo movie. It was released in 2011, rated PG for Scary Scenes.

Synopsis Edit

While investigating a mansion at night, Shaggy gets so scared his doctor forbids the gang to continue mystery solving. The gang decide to go somewhere that isn't scary, and Daphne tells them about La Serena , a dinosaur dig. The gang head there and meet Mr Hubley , who mixes their names up. Shaggy  and Scooby are hungry so head to a barbeque. The rest of the gang go to the mines. Scooby and Shaggy decide to come along but a lizard steals their biscuit. Scooby chases the lizard and bumps into a dinosaur and runs away. 

Scooby and Shaggy catch up with the gang. Professor Svankmejer gives them a tour and they meet Winsor, who Velma love with. The two leave until the Phantosaur returns and nearly eats Scooby and Shaggy. 

Back with Hubley, Shaggy is recovered by his fright. Hubley hypnotises Shaggy to become brave when he hears the keyword bad and forget everything, but Hubley also hypnotises himself so they must guess the keyword. Shaggy and Scooby head to a restaurant and eat lots of food, and the owner thinks her shop will go out of buiseness until a biker gang arrives. Shaggy makes them angry and becomes brave, knocking them out. Tex, the leader, challenges Shaggy to a motorcycle race, to which Shaggy agrees, but freaks out when he's normal again.

Daphne teaches Shaggy to ride a motorcycle because she has been riding since she was 5. Shaggy and Tex race, and Shaggy hears the keyword and nearly wins, but the Phantosaur arrives. Two people were the Phantosaur, and so the case was closed. 

Later, the gang are attacked by more dinosaurs. In the mines, they discover a frozen Allosaurus, and solve the new mystery, Svankmejer and Winsor did it. The caves collapse and sinse nobody knows the keyword, Shaggy must save the day being his normal self. Tex saves them and Winsor and Svankmejer go to jail. Hubley turns Shaggy normal again, but the gang turn into Shaggy's aswell. They argue who the real Shaggy is on the way home. After the credits, the Mystery Machine becomes a Shaggy.

Notes/Trivia Edit

  • It was originally named Scooby Doo! Attack of the Phantosaur.
  • The kitchen scene is a parody of Jurassic Park.
  • Fred is interested in traps like Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated .
  • When Shaggy wet his pants, he never changed into new ones.

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