The Snow Beast was a robot piloted by Baptiste, Professor Kreuger's assistant. He wanted to cover his tracks when he discovered oil. The Snow Beast appeared to be a large, furry, white dinosaur. It wasn't all too bright. He was fooled by Scooby-Doo's igloo switching game and totem pole imitation. He did catch on to the dentist game though. The Snow Beast was large and strong. It was able to pick up Professor Kreuger's hut.The professor asked Scooby and the gang to come visit him, but he was then kidnapped by the beast. The gang arrived to find its work complete. The Eskimo village was smashed and there were large footprints in the snow. After it kidnapped the Eskimo chief, the gang followed it to its ice cave lair. A chase ensued, during which a submarine was discovered, along with a pipe and a pile of black snow. This allowed Velma to realize what was going on. After rescuing the beast's prisoners, a trap was set. Scooby lured it onto a sheet of ice, on which it slipped and fell. The costume fell apart revealing Baptiste at the controls.
Snow Beast

Snow Beast

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