Zombie Sappers are enemies in episode 4 of Scooby-Doo! First Frights.

Appearance Edit

Zombie Sappers Have Green Sunglasses or Green eyes and a small sun-hat. They also wear armor on their upper-body and a gauntlet on their Left arm and in their bare right arm they hold a lit torch or stick. They wear a camping bag on their back with exposed pots and pans hanging out of the bag and a satchel. They Wear baggy orange shorts with white stripes on them and flat shoes.

Gameplay Edit

The Zombie Sappers are fairly fast enemies and their costume can also be purchased in the clubhouse after the game is Cleared. They have both a ranged attack and a melee attack. Their Ranged attack is throwing lit coal at the enemy and their melee attack is waving their lit torch at the enemy. In Certain battle situations they can be seen running away in a cowardly fashion saying "lets get out of here!" and that is the only known time they speak english.

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